About Judy

Judy Sharer is a historical sweet romance author of Settler’s Life, the first book in her family saga series titled A Plains Life.

Settler’s Life is an intimate look at life and times on the Kansas plains, set in the late 1850s. The series is inspired by Judy’s passion for history and the simpler life of settlers, a contrast from her career as computer programming teacher and Director/Assistant Director of Career and Technology Education. After thirty years in education, Judy celebrated retirement to embrace her desire to write. She pens her craft at her home in the northwestern mountains of Pennsylvania where she and her husband appreciate the outdoors and live in a rural setting.

In the process of writing her first book, Judy wrote a rough draft and then revised and added chapters several times before finally coming to the conclusion that writing really is a process that shouldn’t be rushed.

Judy’s other interests include: button collecting, baking pies, cakes and cream puffs her husband’s favorites–, quilting, hunting and gardening.

Fun Facts

It has been Judy’s dream to write a book set in this time period for many years. Now her dream has come true and she hopes you will enjoy her efforts as much as she has enjoyed writing this novel to share with you.

Judy writes almost every day with her assistant, Miss Kitty, a black and white short haired cat at her side reminding her to take breaks and share attention.

Time for a break!