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Judy Sharer

Book 1: Settler’s Life
Book 2: Second Chance Life
Book 3: Civil War Life

This series has a thread of quilting that runs throughout the story.

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A Plains Life – Historical Family Saga Romance Series

A Plains Life Book 1: A Settlers Life Cover

Published by The Wild Rose Press
Available in paperback, eBook and audio book!

Book One: Settler’s Life

Sarah Clark’s family endured the hardships of a wagon train journey from Pennsylvania to pursue a dream of land ownership in Kansas. Now the family of four scratches out a hardscrabble life on the windswept plains. Happily anticipating a long-awaited birth; the child does not survive. A stagecoach robbery and shoot-out take the life of Sarah’s husband, forcing her to make life-altering decisions.

To keep a promise to his best friend as he lay dying, Mark Hewett is forced to lie to Sarah whom he has grown to love. Can he keep his word and save the family who now relies solely on him? His necessary deception holds the potential for disaster as the family struggles to survive.

Will personal loss, heartache, pain, and prevarication lead to destruction? What will happen: survival or defeat; loyalty or deception?

Book Three: Civil War Life

During the perilous years of the Civil War, life-altering events challenge the Hewitt family living in conflict-weary Kansas. Throughout the war runaway slaves appearing at the farm put the family at constant risk from lawless bounty hunters. The young couple Billy and Elizabeth wonder if the time is right to marry and start a family. Billy and Mark face almost certainty that they will be called upon to fight, leaving behind everything they worked so hard to establish.

As the present looms menacingly over the Hewitt family, the future that held so much promise is now filled with fear and uncertainty. Will courage and love be enough to see them through? Only time will tell.

Published by The Wild Rose Press
Available in paperback and eBook!

Published by The Wild Rose Press
Available in paperback and eBook!

Book Two: Second Chance Life 

After a previous miscarriage, Sarah Hewitt prays for a healthy baby with her new husband Mark, whom she loves and cherishes.

Despite past secrets and half-truths Sarah and Mark have a second chance at life as they struggle to turn their dreams into reality. Then unforeseen circumstances threaten their family dynamics and jeopardize their chances for unconditional love.

Can Mark hold true to his word to protect a promise to his best friend Samuel, Sarah’s first husband, or will the truth about his lies be revealed?

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